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Pre-College U


It is commonly known that knowledge is power. Getting ready for college should never be a senior year rush decision. It is a process families must plan for from a very young age for children. From college savings to students operating in excellence at school, getting into a higher learning institution is a family work affair. Pre-College U, provided by Cammepa Productions, is the missing link you need to prepare you and your kids for a successful college journey. A child success is a parent success. 

Pre-College U is a training program where teens, mainly from 9th to 12 grades are provided tools to prepare for higher learning and be successful once in college. Our program helps teens set goals and define their vision for life. We provide career assessments to help expose teens to careers matching their interests and talents. We also expose teens to the challenges ahead and prepare them on how to overcome or avoid negative traps.

For parents, our workshops cover college financing, being a support system, and dealing with the empty nest.


The Girl Factor Pre-College U training program covers the challenges young women face on the college journey. We dive your teen into both academic and life topics. To become successful, we provide tools to enhance organizational skills, combat struggle areas, craft her vision, and unveil her talents. In addition, we discuss real life topics such as personal safety as a young lady.  Available online and in class, Pre-College U Girl Factor is a global training program expanding boundaries.  REGISTER YOUR TEEN GIRL TODAY for the upcoming classes and we'll give you a young woman with clear direction and tools to implement her life's vision! ENROLL HER HERE!

Pre-College U ACADEMY
Comes to Metro Washington DC

Pre-College U Academy is a training program for teens in 9th-12th grade. Some people find their talents in college after multiple tries at different majors. Our goal is to expose teens to careers matching their talents and passions. In addition, we provide teens the skills needed to be successful at college. After Pre-College U Academy, the top 12 performing students at Academy will be group mentored through a webinar program for a period of a year (12 Classes minimum). We'll mentor teens on how to focus and prioritize in order to maintain excellence. We'll assist student in applying for internships, community service, and other activities while in high school. All of these tools increase the likelihood of your child attending and being successful in college. Registration opens in June!

Off to College-Webinar for Parents 
Pre-College U OFF TO COLLEGE WEBINAR FOR PARENTS is an online workshop to assist parents to prepare their children for college. As early as possible, we encourage parents to invest in their children's education. This workshop will introduce parents to the ever changing higher education process. We will also provide information on college funding.  It is never too early to start preparing your children for college. Are you concern about college funding or acceptance for your children? Are you struggling with assisting your teen to find the destined career path? Then, Off to college webinar is for you! Register TODAY and help your teen succeed in life. ENROLL HERE!
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